Calem New York’s City’s Finest Book 1

Contains mature themes and situations of crimes which may not be appropriate for younger readers. He's worked some of the city's most dangerous cases and his latest may be the worst. Cordelia Summers is a brilliant psychologist. His self-sacrificing nature calls him to duty, but he's struggling with the stress of a failed relationship, and the burden of a long chase with one of the worst criminals of his storied career.

. Well respected among her peers and patients alike, she lives only to help others with their problems. While consulting with her colleague on a case, she realizes that her feelings towards him are more than just friendly. Enter detective calem walters: brave, and a reluctant hero, intelligent, he's the best the NYPD has to offer.

From the bestselling author of the young adult novel “Away From Here” comes the 1st in a 5 book series that follows the adventures of five NYPD detectives. Book 2, jesse, will be set in Queens. Not suitable for readers under 18. Filled with action, true crime, suspense, and love stories, the New York City’s Finest series will take you on a roller coaster ride sometimes literally through the five boroughs of the city.

Review blurbs:“great book! There was a lot of substance to it, which I really liked.

Jesse New York City's Finest Book 2

After a chance encounter reignites their attraction from last year, their lives quickly become intertwined in ways that neither could have expected when they first met. Haddie is a woman starting over. Contains real crime situations and mature themes and language that are not appropriate for those under 18.

A year after surviving a near fatal encounter, she takes a job working at a shelter for at-risk teens, not realizing the danger she may be putting herself in. Can he overcome the ruthless danger posed by the gangs?The events of book 3, Quinn, will be set in Brooklyn. Not suitable for readers under 18. Enter detective jesse mcmann: calem walter's former partner, Jesse is dealing with the lingering impacts of PTSD from his experience in the military, while simultaneously doing some of the hardest work of his career.

. Please do not read if under this age. Filled with action, and love stories, true crime, suspense, the New York City’s Finest series will take you on a roller coaster ride sometimes literally through the five boroughs of the city. Review blurbs:“i believe Jesse's story is the best yet by Christopher Harlan.

I was enamored by the characters and their struggle to put themselves back together while trying to protect others around them…this book easily captivates your attention through its vivid and eloquently written details. It was beautifully written from start to finish.


Erik is dominant. Confidence secretes from his pores. Kelli is immediately drawn to him. Kelli parks is home from college for the summer, working at her father’s BMW dealership. They agree to one summer together. No strings. She soon realizes why. What they get is something far different. When an intriguing local psychiatrist makes a proposition, her world stops spinning.

Kelli is leaving for grad school at the end of the summer. No commitments when it’s over. She’s naturally submissive, and his dominance is what she’s been missing in her many failed relationships. Erik doesn’t believe in love. Having a conventional relationship isn’t an option.

Quinn New York City's Finest Book 3

Not suitable for readers under 18. Beautiful, and mysterious, intelligent, she’s the former manager of a shelter for at-risk teens who’s currently struggling with the disappearance of her troubled sister, Sarah. His characters are complex and quinn is no exception…”“Wow! Another Great read by Christopher Harlan…Love these characters and how the come to trust in each other.

If you crave books that can ignite a spark within your imagination, book 3 in the new york city's finest series, you will love this story!”-Amazon Reviewers SUMMARY:Who or what is The Network? In Quinn, former NYPD investigator Quinn Peters must use all of the skills honed in the military and police force to solve a missing person's case unlike any other he’s encountered.

Jen daniels is an enigma. Contains mature themes and situations of true crimes that may be inappropriate for readers under 18. From the bestselling author of the young adult novel “Away From Here” comes the 3rd in a 5 book series that follows the adventures of five NYPD detectives. After an uncharacteristic outburst forces him out of the NYPD, he opens his own private investigation business to help the citizens of New York on his own terms.

Did sarah disappear on her own, or is something more insidious at play? When Jen walks through the front door of Quinn’s PI office, they begin the long and winding road to seek answers to that very question. Enter quinn peters: a former navy sEAL and police detective, he's cultivated a career learning how to control his emotions and get the job done.

Filled with action, suspense, and love stories, true crime, the New York City’s Finest series will take you on a roller coaster ride sometimes literally through the five boroughs of the city.

Noah New York City's Finest Book 4

The events of the firth and final book, Riley, will take place on Staten Island. Not suitable for readers under 18! Contains mature themes, language, and situations with true crime elements. I adore christopher's writing and I truly admire his ability to make every word. Once again it's a homerun from Christopher Harlan.

Resilient, eliza is a woman on a mission, and intriguing, tough, one that Noah will inadvertently join her on. Along with the help of his partner, he’s vowed to dismantle The Network, Quinn, and his colleagues Calem and Jesse, the shadow organization responsible for trafficking women throughout the five boroughs.

Noah is at a time of transition in his life: a former nyPD Special Victims Unit detective turned private investigator, he’s a man looking to fulfill the promise he made to himself years ago to make a difference in people’s lives. A cop's job isn't easy but seeing Noah navigate both personal and professional life when everything seems against you makes a fantastic read.

Summary:the sixth borough private Investigation SBPI has been formed and Noah Thompson is its newest member. Frustrated by a lack of cases and no leads on The Network, he encounters a young woman, seemingly by accident, while stumbling his way through the world of online dating. Enter eliza: she’s a mysterious woman who’s dealing with the trauma of a terrible crime that was perpetrated against her a year ago.

From the bestselling author of the young adult novel “Away From Here” comes the 4th in a 5 book series that follows the adventures of five NYPD detectives. Filled with action, and love stories, suspense, true crime, the New York City’s Finest series will take you on a roller coaster ride sometimes literally through the five boroughs of the city.

The Me That I Became

I was so engrossed in this story that I couldn't stop reading it until the end staying up until 2am to finish it when I had to be up at 6am. Summary:we were destined to never end up together. Will you?*not suitable for those under 18. It was serendipity—a happy accident that made me experience the world like I never had before.

I need you now, Brandon. It never should have worked. Then our hands brushed together. Contains mature themes of depression, suicide, and mental illness that may be inappropriate for those readers under 18 years of age. You an empath, and me the woman who can’t feel anything. You said all the right words, and for a time I remembered what it felt like to be alive.

But my shadows have returned, threatening to extinguish the light you brought into my life, and I’m terrified that our future together is slipping away. Now only one question remains. From the bestselling author of the young adult novel “away From Here” and “Our Story” comes another tale of overcoming the obstacles of mental illness, the triumph of the human spirit, and finding redemption in another human being.

Review blurb:“the me that i became takes you on the journey through depression and how it affects the characters physically, emotionally, and mentally. I need you to chase away the demons, to make me whole, and to teach me once again what it means to love.


Kelli provides Erik a sense of balance he’s never known. A sequence of unlikely events places them in position they never dreamed of. In his absence, she yearns for his unpredictable touch. The only way out is for Erik to cast his inhibitions aside and trust Kelli wholly and completely. In his presence, she can’t resist him.

Trusting her completely is necessary for them to move forward in their relationship, but Erik’s past prevent him from believing anyone can be trusted. Kelli parks can’t get enough of the enigmatic bad boy psychiatrist Erik Ead.

Riley New York City’s Finest Book 5

A string of short relationships has left him unfulfilled and wanting more, and he has to find a way to balance the gruesome case before him with his own quest for happiness. Samantha is a breath of fresh air. Four victims, all related, and no one willing to say the two words that would shed light on the case —serial killer.

Contains mature themes, langue, and situations involving true crime and should not be read by anyone under 18. At a crossroads in his life, Riley is secure in his work as a detective but struggling with his personal life. Now free from the responsibilities of helping his friends Quinn and Noah track down the Network, Riley is called to duty once more to help seek justice for the victims of the Staten Island murders.

From the bestselling author of the young adult novel “Away From Here” comes the last in a 5 book series that follows the adventures of five NYPD detectives. Will she stick around as he struggles to solve a horrific and time sensitive case on Staten Island? Discover all this and more in Riley, the final book in the New York City’s Finest series.

Not suitable for readers under 18 years old. She’s someone who comes from a similar background, and once she meets Riley over a cup of coffee she’ll change his life forever. When the local police make no headway on the case, Riley, a Bronx homicide detective, is called in to help. Riley is an experienced, hardened, and brutally honest NYPD detective.

Away From Here: A Young Adult Novel

For anyone who’s ever been made to feel different when the world around you tells you to be like everyone else—this is for you. I laughed out loud, i smiled, I teared up, and I suffered heartbreak right along with Logan and Annalise. It’s for anyone who can remember the intensity of the first time they fell in love—how they would do anything for that person, and how easy it was to lose yourself in that process.

And finally, this book is for the people who understand how the power of love and empathy can help us overcome any obstacle, even if we’re a little messed up on the other side of it. The girl of my dreams. Maybe it’ll teach you the complexity of the word potato, something I never understood until the very last page.

From christopherso, who is this book for, then?Anyone who’s ever had a best friend that brought light to the darkness of their lives and helped them find their way when they were lost. The rest, as they say, is history. This book is not just a Young Adult novel. Reading this book moved me in a way no other book has done before.

Away from here will stay with me forever, no doubt. So flip the book over, open up the cover and let me tell you Our Story, herself - complicated, funny, which is like Annalise, beautiful, and guaranteed to teach you something by the time you’re through.

Forged by Fire: A Small Town Second Chance Romance

She’s really back and she really hates me. That i love her with my entire body, mind, and soul. Listen to me, i never wanted to go with you, got it? Never. But if i do that, if i tell her the truth, she may never get out of here. She deserves more than that. I want to shut my mouth. I don’t have much time to try to explain how wrong I was, to get her back, to make her mine.

Years passed in a blur. Because when she leaves this time, it'll be forever. Forged by fire is the first book in a small town, firefighter series. This novel has no cheating and a guaranteed HEA. **. But it’s not a dream. She looks like an angel. I gave up our future together for a chance to live her dream. Somehow life kept going.

I had to sacrifice my happiness for hers. I never expected to be voted in as the deputy fire chief of our department tonight and I definitely didn’t expect to see Karen walk in here. She deserves more than me. I’m the bad guy.

The Fed Sex Man: Hot Contemporary Romance

Hit it and quit it was my motto. When she agreed to go on a date, she didn't tell me everything. Anyone would have been. He was a walking orgasm, and an intriguing one at that. His real beauty, however, was imbedded much deeper than what could be seen on the surface. A socially awkward nerd of a book store owner who spent all her idle time secretly reading steamy romance novels, I was the least threatening woman he'd encountered in years.

He must have sensed it, because on the night we met he set his armor aside. Open-mouthed, and completely out of my comfort zone, I wondered. Could i live with what lie beneath?tySON - Jo Watson was the notch on my sexual bedpost I'd been waiting for, and nothing more. One night with her was all I wanted. Secrets that forced him to distance himself from anyone who offered him love.

Had i known of her assets in advance, I wouldn't have gone. Not knowing, however, started a sequence of events that changed my life - and hers - forever. If you enjoy the works of penelope bloom, vi keeland, and Penelope Ward, Penny Wilder, Whitney G, LJ Shen, you're sure to enjoy this steamy contemporary romance novel.

Bouncing from woman to woman, he feared not what a relationship provided, but what he may lose if he gave himself to another.