Orphans of Eldorado Myths

Separating father and son is a remarkable cast of characters, the dead mother, and at the centre, Dinaura, from Angelina, the infernal boatman, to Denisio, a girl who betwitches Arminto and dreams of Eldorado. Orphans of eldorado is a rich and magical fable that beautifully captures the atmosphere of the steamy, lush Amazonian world.

. The setting for this magical fable is Eldorado, the Enchanted city that inhabited the fevered dreams of European navigators and conquistadors, but eluded all attempts to find it on the map. Some have linked it to manaus in the Amazon Basin, and it is here that Arminto Cordovil lives with his father Amando in a white mansion.

Theirs is a relationship full of passion and limitless ambition. Canongate Books.


A gorgeous enrichment and interpretation. Ursula K. Brilliantly effective. She is struggling to make sense of her new life, whose dark, war-ravaged days feel very removed from the peace and love being preached in church and at school. Then she is given a copy of asgard and the Gods—a book of ancient Norse myths—and her inner and outer worlds are transformed.

. She feels an instant kinship with these vivid, beautiful, terrifying tales of the end of the gods: they seem far more real, far more familiar during these precarious days. How could this child know that fifty years on, natural disaster, many of the birds and flowers she took for granted on her walks to school would become extinct? War, reckless gods, and the recognition of the world's impermanence are just some of the threads that Byatt weaves into this most timely of books.

. Linguistically stunning and imaginatively abundant, Ragnarok is a landmark piece of storytelling from “one of the most brilliant minds and speakers of our generation” The Independent. Surely among the most beautiful and incisive pages Byatt has ever written. Paul binding, the independent UK“A brilliant, highly intelligent, fiercely personal rendition of the Scandinavian mythology.

Le guin, literary review ukthe gods meet their cataclysmic end in this acclaimed work of fiction from the inimitable author of Possession and The Children’s Book, now in paperback.

Lion's Honey: The Myth of Samson

There are few other bible stories with so much drama and action, in the end, narrative fireworks and raw emotion, as we find in the tale of Samson: the battle with the lion; the three hundred burning foxes; the women he bedded and the one woman that he loved; his betrayal by all the women in his life, his murderous suicide, from his mother to Delilah; and, when he brought the house down on himself and three thousand Philistines.

. Israel’s most lauded contemporary writer retells the myth of Samson, charismatic, one of the most tempestuous, and colorful characters in the Hebrew Bible. Yet, the din, the tortured journey of a single, lonely and turbulent soul who never found, anywhere, at bottom, beyond the wild impulsiveness, we can make out a life story that is, the chaos, a true home in the world, whose very body was a harsh place of exile.

For me, into our most private moments, its larger-than-life adventures — slips silently into the day-to-day existence of each of us, this discovery, this recognition, is the point at which the myth — for all its grand images, our buried secrets. From david grossman’s introduction to Lion’s Honey Used book in Good Condition.


The Helmet of Horror: The Myth of Theseus and the Minotaur The Myths

Used book in Good Condition. The helmet of horror is structured according to the way we communicate in the twenty-first century — using the Internet — yet instilled with the figures and narratives of classical mythology. They have never met, they inhabit identical rooms that open out onto very different landscapes, they have been assigned strange pseudonyms, and they have entered a dialogue they cannot escape — a discourse defined and destroyed by the Helmet of Horror.

By creating a mesmerizing world where the surreal and the hyperreal collide, The Helmet of Horror is a radical retelling of the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur set in an Internet chat room. Its wearer is the dominant force they call Asterisk, a force for good and ill in which the Minotaur is forever present and Theseus is the great unknown.

. Victor pelevin, the iconoclastic and wildly interesting contemporary Russian novelist who The New Yorker named one of the Best European Writers Under 35, upends any conventional notions of what mythology must be with his unique take on the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur. It is a labyrinthine examination of epistemological uncertainty that radically reinvents this myth for an age where information is abundant but knowledge ultimately unattainable.


The Hurricane Party Myths

Used book in Good Condition. A place where true love is so strong it can bring about the end of time. She is one of the sisters, who tell him the story of how his son died in the great hall of the Clan, the Norse gods, who were holding a party. Set in a dystopian future that recalls Orwell and Zamyatin, Klas Ostergren has weaved a dizzying story of magnificent scope and foul play.

So he travels to the outermost reaches of the land to find out what really happened. Moving from the golden halls to the depths of the underworld, it is about one man's search for justice for his son in a world on the brink. When they come to the door they tell him it was a heart attack, but he knows they are lying.

Used book in Good Condition. But the festivities soon got out of hand, the guests began to argue with one another, and the mischievous shapeshifter Loki dealt a deadly blow. When he lands on the island he is met by a young woman, hair streaked with blood, raving like a lunatic. Hanck orn's son is dead.

Baba Yaga Laid an Egg

Through the women’s fears and desires, and their struggles against invisibility, Ugresic presents a brilliantly postmodern retelling of an ancient myth that is infused with humanity and the joy of storytelling. Used book in Good Condition. In baba yaga laid an egg, identity, internationally acclaimed writer Dubravka Ugresic takes the timeless legend and spins it into a fresh and distinctly modern tale of femininity, aging, and love.

With barbed wisdom and razor-sharp wit, an elderly woman who wakes up every day hoping to die, Ugresic weaves together the stories of four women in contemporary Eastern Europe: a writer who grants her dying mother’s final wish by traveling to her hometown in Bulgaria, a buxom blonde hospital worker who’s given up on love, and a serial widow who harbors a secret talent for writing.

Used book in Good Condition. According to slavic myth, Baba Yaga is a witch who lives in a house built on chicken legs and kidnaps small children.

The Fire Gospel

Theo griepenkerl, a canadian linguistics scholar, is sent to Iraq in search of artifacts that have survived the destruction and looting of the war. After smuggling them out of iraq and translating them from aramaic, for he is in possession of the Fifth Gospel, Theo realizes the extent of his career-making find, and it offers a shocking and incomparable eyewitness account of Christ’s crucifixion and last days on Earth.

Used book in Good Condition. While visiting a museum in mosul, he finds nine papyrus scrolls tucked in the belly of a basrelief sculpture: they have been perfectly preserved for more than two thousand years. Used book in Good Condition. A hugely entertaining, and by turns shocking story, The Fire Gospel is a smart, stylish, and suspenseful novel.

From the new york times best-selling author of the crimson Petal and the White, Michel Faber’s The Fire Gospel is a wickedly funny, acid-tongued, media-savvy picaresque that delves into our sensationalist culture. Used book in Good Condition.

The Goddess Chronicle

Used book in Good Condition. Kamikuu is admired far and wide for her otherworldly beauty; small and headstrong Namima learns to live in her sister’s shadow. Caught in an elaborate web of treachery, she travels between the land of the living and the Realm of the Dead, seeking retribution and closure. At the heart of this exquisitely dark tale, Kirino masterfully reimagines the ancient Japanese creation myth of Izanami and Izanaki.

A provocative, murder, gods and goddesses, fantastical saga, The Goddess Chronicle tells a sumptuous story of sex, and bittersweet revenge. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. From internationally bestselling crime writer Natsuo Kirino comes a mythical slice of feminist noir about family secrets, broken loyalties, and the search for truth in a deceitful world.

In a place like no other, on a mystical island in the shape of tear drop, two sisters are born into an esteemed family of oracles. On her sixth birthday, kamikuu is chosen to become the next Oracle, serving the realm of light, while Namima is forced to serve the realm of darkness―destined to spend eternity guiding the spirits of the deceased to the underworld.

As the sisters undergo opposite fates, Namima embarks on a journey that takes her from the experience of first love to the aftermath of scalding betrayal.

Weight: The Myth of Atlas and Heracles The Myths

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. In her retelling of the story of a god tricked into holding the world on his shoulders and his brief reprieve, she sets difficult questions about the nature of choice and coercion, how we choose our own destiny and at the same time can liberate ourselves from our seeming fate.

. With wit and verve, the prize-winning author of Sexing the Cherry and Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit brings the mythical figure of Atlas into the space age and sets him free at last. Used book in Good Condition. Finally in paperback, weight is a daring, seductive addition to Canongate’s ambitious series of myths by the world’s most acclaimed authors.


The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ

Upon its hardcover publication, renowned author philip pullman’s The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ provoked heated debates and stirred a frenzy of controversy throughout the clerical and literary worlds alike with its bold retelling of the life of Jesus Christ. In this remarkable piece of fiction, famously atheistic author Philip Pullman challenges the events of the Gospels and puts forward his own compelling and plausible version of the life of Jesus.

Used book in Good Condition. Written with unstinting authority, and powerful book by a beloved author, studied and unpacked, subtle, The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ is a pithy, erudite, a text to be read and reread, much like the Good Book itself. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition.


Dream Angus

Used book in Good Condition. Dreams to sell, fine dreams to sell. If he's in the right mood, divine angus might grant you sight of your true love in a dream; you might even fall in love with him - but he'll never love you back. He's too busy making mischief - stealing the palace of the gods from his father, turning his enemies into pigs etc - until he is trapped by his own romantic games and falls for an unattainable woman, doomed to seek her forever.

Used book in Good Condition. In twentieth-century scotland, until we ask - could they be one and the same? mesmerically weaving together the tales of the Celtic god and the Scottish scientist, his life seems to parallel that of his mythic namesake, Alexander McCall Smith unites dream and reality, leaving us to wonder: what is life, Angus's troubled alter ego searches for his true family; a psychotherapist who helps people understand their dreams, but the pursuit of our dreams? Used book in Good Condition.

Used book in Good Condition. Alexander mccall smith retells the "Myth of Dream Angus" as part of the "Canongate Myths" series.